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We comb through the entire market of properties for sale on the Costa del Sol daily, across all listings from 650 estate agents, 12 leading banks, over 250 new developments, and Spain's 8 major property databases, to offer the very best property deals and investment opportunities in one single place.

Below you will find our carefully selected collection of the most attractive handpicked special offers, bank repossessions og homes for sale on the Costa del Sol. With location in sunny Andalucia, Spain's southernmost region, stretches Costa del Sol from the big city Malaga furthest to the east, and all the way down to Gibraltar in the west - a coastline of well over 140 km. Costa del Sol offers some of Spain's best beaches, and possibly Europe's very best and most stable climate, with an average of 320 annual days of sunshine. However, the sun coast is much more than just beautiful beaches and the refreshing Mediterranean. The region has an incredible long and rich history, besides its breathtaking landscapes and quaint villages, all of which are just waiting to be explored. Whether you are into culture, relaxation, gastronomy or sports, offer Andalusia something for everyone. Bargain Andalucia cooperates with all brokers, builders and banks along the whole coast, and therefore have direct access to (everyone) 34.756 properties for sale on the Costa del Sol, which means we can definitely find yours Spanish dream home together, whether you are considering buying property in the metropolis of Malaga, popular Fuengirola, luxurious Marbella, cozy Estepona or in one of the many exciting areas in between.
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Shall we or do you want to find your dream home yourself?

Above you will find our carefully selected collection of the most attractive home purchases in Southern Spain, consisting of handpicked special offers, affordable foreclosures and discounted homes for sale on the Costa del Sol.

Keep in mind that this section only contains a minor but very careful selection of homes for sale in Spain. If you want to search among all properties that are offered for sale, this can easily be done in the housing search section.

Tip: If you are looking for a specific housing type, size or location, the filters at the top can be advantageously used so that only relevant subjects are displayed — e.g. exclusively 2 bathroom homes, 4 bedroom vacation homes, panoramic villas, townhouses in the mountains, etc.

A Unique Estate Agent Concept in Spain

With almost 20 years of presence in Andalucia, Bargain Andalucia is today a symbol of expertise and recognition in the southern Spanish real estate industry, why we can offer you the market's best service, insight and know-how, when it comes to buying or selling a home in the south.

Like that leading authorized Danish real estate agent, measured by the number of satisfied customers, sales and prices, we collaborate with all brokers, builders and banks along the entire Solkysten, Among other things. in known areas such as Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Calahonda, Marbella, Nueva Andalucia, Benahavis og Estepona.

Thanks to this, unlike in Denmark, open market structure, which means that via Bargain Andalucia you have direct access to all 34.756 homes for sale on the Costa del Sol, since the financial crisis in 2008, we have specialized in combing, handpicking, and offering exclusively the most attractive homes in Spain for sale. Our team carefully reviews each and every property to ensure it meets our strict quality standards for location, condition, views and most importantly; value for money.

In addition, we also stand solidly by your side throughout the negotiation face. We have completed more than 2.500 housing transactions since 2006 (both purchase and sale), and in addition have an in-depth knowledge of the Spanish housing market, which puts us in a unique position to actively negotiate tender prices down on your behalf. We understand that a successful property transaction is not only about finding the right home, but that it is also important to buy at the best possible price, so that you are not only shopping for a home, but at the same time make a good investment

This business model ensures that you get easy and quick access to a carefully selected portfolio consisting of only the most attractive properties, while You also save time and money, in connection with both the search, negotiation and final purchase of your dream home on the Solkysten, when you choose us as your partner.

More than 10 clear advantages if you want to buy a property in Spain

In a dynamic housing market like the Spanish one, it is not only essential to make the right decisions regarding the home you are looking for, but it is just as important that choose your real estate agent carefully. An often overlooked detail is that many of those who deal with property sales in Spain are not actually real estate agents in the traditional sense, as the country does not have strict regulations or licensing requirements before you can operate a brokerage business.

This means that virtually anyone can call themselves a broker without necessarily having the experience, education or professionalism that one would expect, especially when you come from Scandinavia. This lack of regulation can potentially increase the risk for you as a buyer, which makes it even more critical to choose the right partner from the start.

A professional brokerage has experience in navigating the sometimes complex legal landscape, familiarizing yourself with your exact situation, understanding it and then identifying needs, negotiating the best possible price on your behalf, and in general ensure that all aspects of the purchase process are handled by the book. Without a competent broker by your side, you risk overlooking important details, paying an overpriced purchase, or in the worst case ending up in unwanted legal problems later on.

It is precisely for this reason that we at Bargain Andalucia have made it our noblest task to create a business model, and put together a dedicated team, which together can offer one of the market's best services.

Based on many years of experience and local presence, we understand the unique challenges presented by the Spanish housing market, especially in light of the lack of regulation. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to building a company where quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction are always paramount.

Our team consists exclusively of experienced, trained and passionate professionals, so that you not only get a broker, but a partner who is committed to making your dream of a home in the sun a reality. Our dedication to consistently deliver exceptional service means that we are ready to assist you with every step of the way, to ensure that your buying experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

We are therefore proud to be able to offer our customers one of the market's most professional and comprehensive set of services that cover all aspects of what it means to make a safe and good home purchase in Spain.

15 good reasons why you should buy a property in Southern Spain with us:

Advantage Bargain Andalucia Some competitors Most players on the market
Danish-speaking and/or Danish-owned company Ja Ja Ja
Authorized real estate agent Ja Possibly No
360° consulting package Ja Ja Possibly
Specialists in special offers and forced sales Ja Possibly No
Access to all 33.675 homes for sale Ja Ja Possibly
Dedicated buyer's agent Ja Ja Ja
Strong negotiation skills Ja Possibly Possibly
Trained brokers Ja Possibly No
15+ years local presence Ja Possibly No
Access to exclusive pre-launch pricing Ja Possibly No
Physical offices Ja Ja No
100+ years of combined experience Ja Possibly No
Special cashback offers and discount schemes Ja Possibly No
Transport from and to the airport and hotel Ja Possibly Possibly
Open all 7 days of the week Ja Ja Possibly
Clear advantages 15 6 2

Our Overall Services

Bargain Andalucia's mission is to make buying a holiday home in Spain attractive, easy and easily accessible for Danish buyers, so that you are ensured a safe and frictionless trading process. As a professional real estate agent, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to guide you safely through every step of the the buying journey — right from the initial one contact og search phase, for you to be handed the keys to your new apartment or house in Spain, and even afterwards, where we will happily advise and/or refer you as needed.

Our competent team of educated, Danish, Swedish og Norwegian brokers, combines broad local knowledge with a thorough understanding of 'Scandinavian criteria', topped with a wholehearted passion to realize the dream of owning a home in Europe's best climate with sun all year round. As long as it is about housing on the Costa del Sol, we can certainly help.

Some of our most common services include:

The costs of buying a property in Spain

It is important to understand the various taxes and fees associated with buying a house or apartment in Spain, as they can be surprising compared to the corresponding costs of real estate transactions in Denmark. In addition, they vary according to the type of property being traded.

When you buy property in Spain, a total must be taken into account surcharge of between 7,5-12% of the agreed purchase price.

The resale properties must be added 7% in property tax, while by purchase of newly built properties/project sales instead, 10% VAT (IVA) must be charged, and a stamp duty of 1,2%.

Applies to both types of home purchase, this must be assumed notary fees (0,2-0,5%) og land registration tax (0,1-0,25%).

Example of costs for the purchase of an apartment or house for on the Costa del Sol:

Cost type % of the property's price Resale Project sales/new construction
Uses 0,2 - 0,5%
Property registration 0,1 - 0,25%
Property tax 7%
VAT (VAT) 10%
Stamp duty 1,2%
Total costs
Total price
Tip: You can calculate taxes and costs based on a specific price, by changing the purchase price in the above example here:
Homes for sale on the Costa del Sol