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Here you will find a complete collection of 267 Properties for sale and La Duquesa on the Costa del Sol in Spain, across all real estate agents and the entire housing market. Are you considering purchase of Living area and La Duquesa, you can be tempted in our section for hand-picked special offers, while on this page you can do a manual search among all Properties which are offered for sale and La Duquesa.

Homes for sale in La Duquesa

5 good reasons to buy Living area and La Duquesa

Elegant La Duquesa is located at the western end of the Costa del Sol, and offers a quiet break from the larger and busier areas of the coast. The location consists primarily of a beautiful whitewashed marina that is popularly referred to as "Puerto Banus' lesser known little brother", as well as a small area outside consisting of a handful of avenues which is the basis for a small selection of apartment complexes, townhouses and villas. However, the harbor is La Duquesa's big attraction with its excellent selection of sports bars, pubs and restaurants serving drinks as well as Spanish and international dishes at reasonable prices. On both sides of the marina stretches a cozy sea promenade, which on the water side is adorned with beautiful bathing-friendly blue-flag sandy beach, while the area also has its own 18-hole golf course, which winds idyllically from the coast and up into the hinterland, from where you can enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean. Buying a home in La Duquesa is a suitable choice for you who appreciate a quiet location, good beaches and an equal parts Spanish, equal parts international atmosphere.

Homes for sale in La Duquesa
At Bargain Andalucia you get direct access to everyone 267 Properties for sale and La Duquesa

1. Increased quality of life. It is not a coincidence that and La Duquesa has attracted home buyers from all over the world for so many decades. With an almost always perfect weather forecast, relatively low cost of living as well as a sea of ​​leisure activities and attractions for visitors of all ages, it is not hard to understand why this Mediterranean spot tops the wish list of so many international home buyers and investors.

2. Flexibility. Imagine jumping on a plane and having left the sad gray weather, dark days and biting cold in just 3 hours. Does that sound tempting? This flexibility is the reality when you as the owner of en Living area and La Duquesa want to visit your summer residence. With a myriad of direct flights from all the major cities in Europe, taking an extended weekend on the Costa del Sol has never been easier.

Europe's best climate. You buy housing in Europe's best and most stable climate and will enjoy no less than 320 annual sunny days, as well as daytime temperatures that rarely fall below 12 degrees - even during the mild winter months. This makes that life and La Duquesa mainly lived outdoors with barbecue, family and long evenings on the terrace all year round.

4. Relatively low house prices. It's no secret that you have the opportunity to buy en Living area and La Duquesa a lot cheaper than what en equivalent Living area would have cost you on the domestic front. Despite rising sales prices, the value of homes on the Costa del Sol is still greatly underestimated, which is why you pay on average around 30 to 40% less for en Living area and La Duquesa, than what you would have done in the north.

5. Attractive investment. Costa del Sol is an international brand, and if you look at the combination of the above benefits, it's obvious why. Add to that an extremely attractive rental market, a low interest rate and the constant improvement and maintenance of infrastructure as well as facilities, and you have the ideal starting point for making a fantastic investment when you buy en Living area and La Duquesa.

Purchase Living area and La Duquesa if you appreciate ...

In addition to the five mentioned reasons to purchase of Living area and La Duquesa is generally attractive, it is of course also important to clarify whether the area suits your daily life and lifestyle. Thanks to an excellent infrastructure, there is almost always a beach, restaurant or golf course just around the corner, but at the same time the many areas of the Sun Coast also have their own characteristics. When it comes to and La Duquesa is the location suitable for purchase of Living area, provided that you appreciate the following three characteristics that are particularly relevant here.
Beaches on the Costa del Sol


Golden sand, azure water and longitudinal relaxation. If beach holidays are high on your wish list, you hit the spot here.

Golf courses on the Costa del Sol


The area is an obvious choice if you are interested in golf, due to its large selection of prominent courses and academies.

Spanish authenticity on the Costa del Sol


Winding alleys, whitewashed house walls and colored flower pots. Here you experience the authentic Andalusia.

Is it a good investment to buy Living area and La Duquesa?

en Living area and La Duquesa can neither be stolen, lost nor displaced. Purchased with common sense and managed with reasonable care, money in real estate is the safest form of investment available. This is especially true when it comes to purchase of Living area and La Duquesa on the Costa del Sol in Spain, thanks to its location in Europe's best and most stable climate, the Sun Coast's excellent infrastructure and easy accessibility due to the many, direct flights between the Nordics and Malaga that take place on a daily basis. Following a few simple rules of thumb will almost always be a good idea to invest in en Living area and La Duquesa, both purely economically but certainly also by virtue of the elevated quality of life that follows but a life under the sun on the Spanish Riviera.

At Bargain Andalucia, we know very well how confusing and cumbersome it can seem when it comes to starting the process around purchase of Living area and La Duquesa. It is not enough that there is a sea of real estate agents and La Duquesa, as well as countless websites and housing portals as a provider Properties for sale and La Duquesa, also applies completely different rules, legislation and procedures in the Spanish housing market in relation to the Danish. That's where we come in. We are Danish-speaking, 100% buyer advisor and have over 15 years of local presence as authorized Danish real estate agent and La Duquesa on the back. In addition, we specialize in finding and hand-picking the best trades and investment opportunities across the entire the housing market and La Duquesa, so that you not only make a safe purchase, but at the same time can save both time and money by shopping with us. We are happy to help you get started with the process today, whether it is via mail, per phone, or on the basis of a physical meeting at one of our offices. On the other hand, do you have the courage to start your hunt for yourself the dream home and La Duquesa, below follows the complete collection of all Properties for sale and La Duquesa, sorted descending with all the latest cases first.

“We always strive to create value and make it easy for our customers to buy Living area and La Duquesa. With a primary focus on achieving the best possible price, and at the same time ensuring a good and safe buying process in every home transaction, we at Bargain Andalucia are proud to be able to call ourselves a leader Danish real estate agent and La Duquesa for over 15 years now. ”

The and La Duquesa one must buy Living area?

Are you considering that buy en Living area and La Duquesa, it is relevant to define which of the many exciting local areas and neighborhoods that appeal most to your Spanish residential dreams. To make the search process more manageable, it is therefore recommended to familiarize yourself with the geography and the various local areas and La Duquesa - we have made it easy for you in our store area guide, where you can read about all the Sun Coast's exciting cities, and use ours for that area match tool to get inspiration on where on the Costa del Sol it will make the most sense for you to buy Living area, based on specific wishes and criteria. For a start, we recommend reading a little more closely at the following locations if you are thinking about that invest in en Living area and La Duquesa.

Homes for sale in Malaga
Properties for sale in Malaga
The Golden Mile: The Golden Mile is the coastline between Puerto Banus in the west and Marbella's city center in the east. The location is often compared to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, and is Southern Europe's ultimate symbol of a luxurious lifestyle. Adorned with a pure California atmosphere thanks to its two-kilometer-long beach promenade, a palm-fringed main avenue and a fantastic microclimate, there is a wide selection of fine restaurants, famous hotels and fashionable shops. The amount of Properties for sale on The Golden Mile in Marbella is limited in terms of the relatively small size of the area, while the price level is among the highest on the coast due to the privileged location next to the water. The typical Living area on The Golden Mile is in the lover class and built in exclusive Mediterranean or functional style.

Search among all (267) Properties for sale and La Duquesa

Here you will find the total pool of all current Properties which at the time of writing is offered for sale and La Duquesa. The topics are downloaded and updated in real time via Spain's largest meta-housing database, which contains all of them homes for sale throughout Spain. On this page, the results are prefiltered to show only everyone Properties for sale and La Duquesa. Are you looking for a specific type or size Living area and La Duquesa, this can be easily done using the filtering function just above the housing items. Alternatively, you can search among all homes for sale throughout the Costa del Sol, by going to the section for housing search via the main menu which is located at the top of the web page.

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