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Bargain Andalucia SL is the leading Danish real estate agent on the Costa del Sol, specializing in forced sales and sale of property from motivated sellers. We are an independent brokerage firm that does not compromise on our customers' criteria, which is why you and your wishes are always put in the very first place. Unlike many other brokers on the coast, we focus solely on the relevance and quality of the properties we present to our clients, rather than thinking about the size of the commission and focusing solely on our own issues. In other words, we put together every viewing tour in a way where you as a customer get to see the best of the best across all the coastal realtors. In addition, we have completely exclusive contracts with a majority of the largest Spanish banks, giving us, and thereby you as our customer, access to unique forced sale properties that you will not find with any other broker. In many cases you can save between 20% -70% when buying a holiday home on the Costa del Sol via Bargain Andalucia.

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The company has been in existence since 2008, and all employees have been engaged in property sales for many years, in Scandinavia and Spain. We have the opportunity to display virtually all homes offered for sale on the Costa del Sol, as we are affiliated with the Resales-Online database, which is a broad collaboration between almost all South Spanish real estate agents. In total, we now have access to over 30.000 apartments, villas and townhouses.

Together we have over 30 years of experience in home and project sales, we speak Scandinavian of course, and always actively contribute to negotiating the price down for our clients, as well as advising throughout the purchase process and subsequently.

Buy a home safely and without risk, let one of our representatives help you today!

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Danish Real Estate Agent in Spain

About Us

Bargain Andalucia is your Danish real estate agent on the Costa del Sol in Spain, with 15 years of local presence and specialization in forced sales, special offers and specially priced homes for sale on the solar coast. We hand pick daily the very best deals across the entire southern Spanish housing market and offer them in one unified place.
Bargain Andalucia was founded in 2006, and is today many Scandinavians' favorite real estate chain on the Costa del Sol in Spain, where we operate on the entire stretch between Malaga in the east, to Gibraltar in the west.

One of the primary reasons why we have positioned ourselves as market leaders in an incredibly saturated industry is that we understand, respect and always do our utmost to meet the set of personal dreams and criteria that we experience going back to the vast majority of Danish , Norwegian and Swedish buyers when it comes to investing in a home here on the Costa del Sol - or “Europe's California” as we also call it - namely the desire for a large sunny terrace with a beautiful open view, an attractive location, high build quality and not least the best possible trading price. This understanding and respect for your personal thoughts and gut feelings makes us, in combination with an always tailored service, a high level of competence, a strong passion for aesthetics and the best prices in the market, differentiate us from the group today.

Our strong focus on constantly searching, hand-picking and offering only the most attractive housing deals, across the entire southern Spanish housing market, in one place - whether it is our own direct cases or not - has created a stir in an otherwise conservative industry . We know that the best properties do not necessarily have to be the ones with the highest price tag, and for over 15 years we have now specialized in finding the best of their kind. It is this vision that has made us one of Spain's most recognized, trustworthy and successful real estate brands in the eyes of Nordic buyers.

With us, you can always expect a personal and safe inspection and purchase process, all in your own language, so you are sure to avoid any. misunderstandings. Whether you are looking for the perfect building plot, apartment, terraced house or villa - regardless of whether the home should be located in the city, near the coast, in a mountain village or in the countryside - our ultimate mission is strikingly simple:

That together we find exactly the accommodation that is perfect for you, closely tailored to your individual wishes, criteria and dreams, while making a good investment.

Thanks to the wide cooperation we have with over 400 homeowners, Spain's 8 largest banks, 325 builders, more than 600 brokers and a wide range of independent, Scandinavian-speaking lawyers, banks, rental agencies, contractors and craftsmen, you get along with us free access to all homes offered for sale throughout the Costa del Sol.

In practice, this means less planning and searching for you, and therefore more efficient viewing time, while we help you further safely, if you, as thousands of like-minded countrymen, also choose to invest in even more quality of life here in the sun. With our "a to z" service you will only need one point of contact here on the Costa del Sol - for us.

See you in Spain!

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